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PaperEdit features Highlighters that scour your text and offer suggestions on how to improve your writing.

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Highlighters check your writing for reading comprehension, excessive prepositional phrases, recycled starting words, sticky sentences, and more.

Meet your Highlighters

Reading Comprehension

The longer the sentence, the harder it is to read. PaperEdit marks sentences with less than a 40% reading comprehension level.

Sticky Sentences

Too many glue words will make your sentences awkward and stuck. Unstick your writing to make your sentences flow.

Prepositional Phrases

Excessive prepositional phrases obscure the main subject and action of a sentence. Reduce them to add clarity to your writing.

Passive Voice

Using the passive voice can make your writing sound distant and unengaging. Switch to the active voice to add vigor to your prose.

Recycled Starting Words

Using the same word to start each sentence can be a nice stylistic touch or sound robotic. PaperEdit helps you keep your humanity.

Repeat Words

It’s hard to keep track of the words we overuse. PaperEdit will highlight words used too often in a sentence or paragraph.

Full Featured

PaperEdit comes packed with the features you need to clean up your writing.

Rich Text Editing

A full featured text editor lets you stylize your writing however you like.

Lightning Fast

Multithreaded text processing allows entire books to be analyzed in seconds.

Scrivener Support

Wrote your book in Scrivener? We’ve got you covered with Scrivener 3.0 support.

Automatic Backups

Every time you open a file a backup is made, bringing you peace of mind.