Writer’s List: Facial Expressions

Writer’s List: Facial Expressions

May 8, 2018 Blog 0

Facial expressions can be used, along with dialogue tags, to paint a more vivid picture of your characters and their emotional journey. As you’re writing, however, you might find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over again. Here is a list of facial expressions to help vary things up:

she smiledpositive
she grinnedpositive
she simpered
she grimacednegative
her face fellnegative
she frownednegative
she sneerednegative, anger
she glarednegative, anger
she raised an eyebrowsurprise
her eyes widenedsurprise
her eyes flickeredeyes
her eyes narrowednegative, suspicious
she rolled his eyesnegative
she opened his eyeseyes
she closed his eyeseyes
sher eyes sparkledpositive, eyes
sher eyes flashednegative, eyes
she squintedeyes
she furrowed his browsuspicious
she glanced at himquestion
she cringednegative, pain
she wincednegative, pain
she noddedagreement
she nodded gratefullyagreement
she nodded in agreementagreement
she smiled broadlypositive
she shook his headdisagreement
she blinkedsurprise, confusion, eyes
she gritted her teethnegative, anger, pain
she eyed themsuspicious, nervous
she beamedpositive
she scowlednegative
she glowerednegative
his mouth twitched
his jaw dropped
his mouth tightened
he leered
he pouted
he bared his teeth
his lips drew back
he rolled his eyesnegative, eyes
his face was a mask of horrornegative
his face was unblinkingeyes
his face was sullennegative
his face was grimnegative
his face was dournegative
his face was gloomynegative
his face was sournegative
his face was petulantnegative
his face was pallidnegative
his face went blank
his mouth formed an 'O'surprise
tears ran down his face
anger flickered in his eyesnegative, anger, eyes
a smile flickered across his facepositive

Do you have more facial expressions you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below!

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