PaperEdit FAQ

PaperEdit FAQ

March 26, 2018 Support 0
  • I’m having trouble opening the installer. How can I fix this?
    If you’re getting a message saying that you can’t open the installer because it is from an ‘unidentified developer’, simply control-click on the installer and choose ‘open’ from the menu that pops up. If this doesn’t work, go into System Preferences->Security & Privacy->General and choose to ‘open the app’ at the bottom part of the panel.

  • What file formats does PaperEdit support?
    TXT, RTF, and Scrivener Projects, as well as copy/paste from your other apps. If you’d like to see support for another format, give us a holler.

  • Where can I find my automatic backups?
    In your menu bar, go to PaperEdit->Preferences and click the “Backups” tab. A button will appear that you can press to take you to your backups folder.

  • My trial has expired. What do I do now?
    Thanks for trying out PaperEdit! If you’d like to continue using it you can purchase a license key here.

  • When will we see a Windows/Mobile/Tablet version?
    We don’t have plans yet to add support for other systems, but do let us know you’re interested! If there’s enough demand we’ll look into it.

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