PaperEdit 1.0 Released

PaperEdit 1.0 Released

March 29, 2018 Blog 0

We’re proud to introduce PaperEdit, Novellus Software’s first in a suite of tools aimed at make writing easier!

Meet Your Highlighters

PaperEdit features over half a dozen Highlighters that scour your text and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Highlighters analyze metrics like:

  • Sentence Length
    • Longer sentences are often harder to read. Research shows that 14 word sentences have a 90% reading comprehension score, whereas 43 word sentences have a 10% reading comprehension score – read more.
  • Sticky Sentences
    • Glue words hold together ‘working’ words. They have no particular meaning in themselves. Examples include: ‘the’, ‘of’, ‘a’, ‘in’, and ‘to’. If your sentence contains too many glue words they can begin to sound awkward, or ‘sticky’.
  • Overused Prepositional Phrases
    • Using too many prepositional phrases can confuse the reader by obscuring the subject of sentence. Reducing these will help clarify your writing.
  • Recycled Starting Words
    • Using the same word to start consecutive sentences can make for a nice stylistic touch, but often happens by accident and sounds robotic.
  • Passive Voice
    • The active voice is generally preferred over the passive voice. For instance, “the frisbee was thrown,” sounds more distant and removed from the action than, “he threw the frisbee”.

PaperEdit also checks for common errors like repeated words, unintentional whitespace, and more. All together, PaperEdit can help you clarify your sentences, spot mistakes, and improve your writing.

Download PaperEdit

You can start your free 15 day trial by downloading PaperEdit here.

System Requirements

  • macOS version 10.13 or higher

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