Novellus 1.0 Released

Novellus 1.0 Released

June 1, 2018 Blog 0

Write, Edit, and Publish your book all in one place with Novellus.

  • Organize
    Split your novel up into Parts, Chapters, and Scenes. Write, outline, and take notes, all in once place.
  • Write
    Novellus features a flexible RTF text editor along with a distraction free Full Screen writing mode.
  • Edit
    Novellus features a copyeditor that works directly inside your book, highlighting potential issues and errors. You can also step through your dialogue and dialogue tags for distraction free editing.
  • Publish
    Publish to Manuscript (PDF), eBook (EPUB3), or export a zipped folder of all your chapters and scenes if you’re on the go.
  • Backup
    No writer should lose their work. Novellus creates a backup of your project on your drive each time you open it, offering you piece of mind.

Free Trial

Novellus comes with a free 15 day trial, so download it here!

System Requirements

  • macOS version 10.11 or higher

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